The Cooking School

The concept

Free training in cooking and catering services for young South Africans who are far from employment and living in difficult conditions. The course lasts 6 months, resulting in a professional certificate. At Molo Lolo Cooking School, training is based on real practice. They are given by professionals. French executive chef come to lead the team.
We also attach great importance to personal development. French students join us to do their internship and share their knowledge with our South African students.
It is a mixing of culture among the French and South Africans. At the end of the cycle, trainees optain a professional certicate and are directly employable.


The chef 

"My name is Antoine Douay, I am 31 and I am from Bourg En Bresse. I have 15 years of cooking experience and worked in Michelin star restaurants, cruiser ships and private yachts.
I am now in South Africa in order to teach my knowledge to students and work in a different environment."


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